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Legally&Co is a company that assists in Immigration Processes, besides doing translations, issuing passports, public notary services, wills, divorces, marriages, etc. Legally&Co was founded by both Paralegals Jessica and Renata, focusing on also work for immigration attorneys who also have a lot on their plate and having worked in an immigration law firm before. They found look-alike to offer services at affordable prices and a more direct relationship with the customer, 24-hour service via WhatsApp, besides agility and total responsibility with them. Our company knows and understands that not every immigrant has the financial means to pay a lawyer, that's where our company comes in with exemplary work, and unbeatable prices to make life easier for people who are not in their country of origin and are looking for a better life and debt free. Legally&Co comprises an immigrant and an immigrant's daughter, both of whom understand and feel the needs of their clients, whether Brazilians, Hispanics or any other nationality.

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